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17 things you Should not Mess up while Preparing for Marriage day

Marriage is a very sacred event in a person’s life. Everyone faces a certain amount of trepidation and excitement when they are going to get married. For each individual preparing for marriage is a learning experience. Let us look at some things that you need to be careful about when preparing for your marriage.

Some people like to leave things till the last moment. But for a marriage you have to ensure that everything is finalised many days prior to the big day. There are no last minute jobs for a life changing event of this magnitude.

This is a list of 17 things that you should not mess up and be cautious about for the grand day:

1.  Your wedding outfit needs to be chosen with the consent of the elders in the family

2.  Ensure that you have a different outfit for each function or event of the marriage where you are expected to change. The colour should be different too.

3.  Make sure you arrange for someone to assist you to change and put on your clothes. You need to ensure that you are wearing the traditional clothes properly with due respect to your community.

4. For men – visit the men’s saloon at least 10 days before your wedding to check if you need to have any face treatment. Looking immaculate on your wedding day is essential

5. Women need to visit a beauty parlour at least 3 months before the wedding for various beauty treatments to look beautiful on your wedding day.

6. Get your hair styled and set properly so that it will not get in the way during the wedding events

7. Women get a professional makeup artist to do your make up for the wedding events, even if you know how to put on your own makeup don’t take the risk

8. Make sure your jewellery and accessories are all in one place so you don’t waste time searching at the last moment

9. Women should ensure that their eye make-up is waterproof or you will look terrible if you cry and you have eyeliner and mascara running down your cheeks and smudged all over your eyes

10. Ensure that you finalise the date, time and price for the venue well ahead of time

11. Sampling the food from the caterers yourself is important don’t depend on other people to choose according to their preference.

12. Give a proper headcount of the number of guests to the caterer, the last thing you want is the food to run short.

13. Make sure you reach the venue for each event well ahead of time. Don’t leave room for unforeseen delays, like vehicle breakdown.

14. Finalise with a photo studio for the photography at least one or two months prior to the wedding to ensure that you can get a good photographer.

15. Be prepared for the photographs through the course of the different functions and ceremonies.

16. Ensure you maintain correct poise at all times when the camera crew are around

17. Keep a smile on your face, so that you look good in the post production of the photographs and wedding video.

With these simple tips you can avert some common mess ups during your wedding.

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