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7 Common Things Couple Do from Engagement to Wedding Day

Once a couple are engaged the wedding preparations will begin. The wedding date can vary from 3 months to even a year or longer. For most couples the parents and other family members will take care of the major wedding preparations.

Once they are engaged the couple need to do their own stuff and this includes:

The task of finding the right girl or boy is usually done by the elders in the family. This can sometimes take quite long and the boy may have to see many girls before he finds the girl of his dreams (or the one he thinks is suitable). Once the right match is found the next step is the engagement.

1. Getting to Know Each Other:

For some couple it is easy and they are able to tell each other about themselves. If the girl or boy is an introvert or the shy type it may take many meetings before they actually get to know much about each other.

2. Learning Each Other’s Tastes:

Learning each other’s tastes and preferences in essential things like food and daily routine is important. For the boy it is vital to tell the girl what he likes to eat and his daily routine so that she can prepare herself accordingly. For a girl who is not a very good cook, she can start practicing making the boys favorite dishes.

3. Discussing Career Options:

Discussing career options whether both should work or wife should be a homemaker. Sometime both husband and wife are career minded and want to work. In some families the girl does not work; so even if she has a plan to have a career she has to decide now to give it up or convince her fiance of her desire.

4. Family Planning:

Family planning how many children should they have and if they should start planning a family immediately. Some couple like to discuss such matter while others just leave it to nature.

5. Hobbies and Interests:

Interests and what the couple can do together, travelling, watching movies or other activities. It is important to know what each other’s hobbies and interests are.

6. Expectations from Each Other:

This is a matter that needs clarification right from the start. Sometimes this can cause a problem later, so it is better to discuss the expectation that the couple have from each other for their life to come.

7. In-laws:

The girl has to take the time to get to know the boy’s family as well if she will be living with his parents.

When a couple takes the time to prepare for their life together then they can expect to have a more balanced and peaceful life.

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