It was a re-creation of the ancient times with the bridal attire in this traditional Brahmin wedding in Bangalore. Brahmin Wedding Photography Bangalore is much like any other wedding for us. We are well versed with the traditions and ceremonies after so many years of doing Brahmin wedding photography. However, this wedding held a special charm for us.The wedding of Supriya and Karthick was arranged at Banaswadi, Bangalore and the Ye Devi Studio team were all ready for the Brahmin candid wedding photography. The couple complemented each other perfectly. While Supriya has a fun loving and jovial nature, Karthick is a sober, more disciplined and accommodating person. As a software engineer he has a calm composure.

This Brahmin wedding Bangalore had a touch of tradition along with the modern aspects. A South Indian Brahmin wedding is not complete without the traditional ceremonies. The families of the bride and groom went all out with their arrangements to ensure that the essential traditions were carried out impeccably. The Brahmin marriage was followed by a very westernized reception. The bride and groom shed their traditional attire and turned the mood to western formal wear. The bride wore a pink gown while her brides’ maids wore pink and white dresses. The Groom looked handsome in his two piece suit with a shirt that matched his brides dress. Who would imagine that this was the reception for a Brahmin wedding Bangalore?

We did a fantastic outdoor shoot for the wedding couple at the picturesque Hebbal Lake in Bangalore. Candid wedding photography has become an important part of the wedding and couples specifically plan a location for this shoot. Usually an outdoor wedding shoot takes place in a very filmy style where the couple is in a total romantic mood. As candid wedding photographers we are not surprised by such requests from couples during their photo shoot. This Brahmin wedding Bangalore was great fun. The couple wanted to cover all that they could through their wedding from the depths of tradition to the ultra-modern. Supriya and Karthick ensured that all their dreams and wishes were lived out.

This Brahmin Candid Wedding photography was a novel experience for the Ye Devi Studios team. Whatever the ceremony, we are always prepared for action with our cameras. Traditional Brahmin weddings in Bangalore are reducing in number, especially an occasion where the bride follows the madisaar style. Supriya carried this style perfectly and we were able to shoot the wedding and reception from all angles.The wedding album is a collection of memories of the candid moments at the wedding and reception. It is our endeavor to make these memories special for the couple.

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