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Candid Kannada Wedding Video of Dhuruva & Sindhuja

This amazing candid Kannada wedding video is of two doctors who met at medical college and fell in love. Both their parents felt that they were a good match for each other and were happy with the choice of life partner made by their children.

Décor is an important part of every ceremony. A wedding is a very special occasion. It is a commitment by two people to spend the rest of their lives together. To commemorate this occasion a huge celebration is organized by the families of the couple to be married.
A lot of money is spent by the families to ensure that the venue looks nice and appealing. Photography is also an essential part of the occasion. Everyone wants photographs to remember the event. A wedding candid video helps to record the sequence of events and the important moments that transpired. We also take a few moments to capture the decoration for people to remember how beautiful the place looked. A candid wedding video ideally includes some coverage of the venue décor along with the rest of the wedding ceremony.
The different stages of getting ready by the bride are spectacular. It includes events right from her mehendi ceremony to the adorning of her sari. Like every culture a Kannada wedding also has many different traditions that are followed as a preparation of the bride for her wedding. This Candid Kannada Wedding Video covers all the intricate details in a brief manner. This is just to show that the ceremony or event did take place.

Dhuruva and Sindhuja were very corporative with our team of photographers enabling us to make a wonderful Kannada wedding video for them. We interviewed the couple individually as well as together. We asked them different questions about each other and what they felt. We also had a chance to speak with their family members and get their opinion of the couple. You will have to watch this candid Kannada wedding video to hear what they had to say.

At Yedevi Studios our intent is to make a comprehensive candid wedding video which includes all the aspects of the wedding. Our major focus is on the wedding ceremony but there is more to a wedding candid video than just a whole lot of rituals. We add an element of fun and humor to the wedding candid video along with reflections of happiness and joy by different family members. Everyone gets a spot of limelight.

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