Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography (Wedding Film alias Candid Video )

The Cinematography converts your wedding into a film which tells a story of two people whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Each wedding is very different and we are not just talking about the location and people, but the manner in which the ceremonies and events take place also varies. In the video we make an effort to add some aspect of the family lifestyle and background. This adds a different perspective to the video and allows us to play with our creativity.

Each wedding is a unique event irrespective of whether it is arranged or love. Each individual has a unique personality. We take the initiative to understand the family, their ways, individual characteristics, likes and dislikes. This enables us to portray a visual story which is very captivating and focuses on making the event in-line with the family’s values.

The traditional video is good, but it covers all the uninteresting details which can get boring to watch when you just want an overview of the wedding. The traditional wedding video will continue to run for around 3 hours. While this is a good way to record all the events, it is not possible to show this video to all your friends and family members as they may not have the time to spare.

We also make a short wedding video with just the major highlights. The length can vary between 3 to 7 minutes. We make your wedding video into an interesting short film. This is easy to share with friends and relatives over social media and the internet. It is short and interesting and people can easily watch it. You can upload this short video on YouTube and share the link on social media for your friends and social circle to watch.

Everyone likes to watch a short captivating film where they know the stars (the bride and groom), the video become even more interesting if they were there at the wedding. It becomes easier to recount the sequence of events and what transpired.


Wedding teaser – within a week
The wedding teaser is a brief glimpse of the major event whole he family members are still getting over the whole wedding ordeal. The wedding teaser usually has a run time of about 1.5 mins.

Wedding film is a longer video anywhere between 3 to 7 minutes and highlights the special moments of the wedding including some of the emotional aspect. This covers the entire wedding story in brief and is presented with meaningful background music. This is easy to share on social media nd can be uploaded on YouTube as well. Easy to share and tell the whole story in brief, making it interesting and easily watchable.

Traditional video is a video that covers the whole sequence of events in detail from start to finish. We compile the videos from all the cameras and edit this video to make the wedding film. The couple and their immediate family may enjoy watching the video after several years to recount the happy event.

The traditional video is long and given in a DVD and USB pen drive.

Shooting the wedding

We shoot using a high-tech DSLR camera which allows us to utilise different lenses and effects as well as software options and make your wedding pictures into something spectacular.

Traditional Video:
To shoot the wedding we use Full HD Camera (full HD 1080 p, half HD 720 p). The number of cameras can vary based on the number of guests, the type of wedding and the events that need to be covered. We can also set up LCD TV’s (minimum 4) and LED panels to display the events taking place in case it is a very large gathering. We can also use cranes for hoisting cameras to shoot a wider angle and capture the event from a higher position.

We can position cameras at different locations, such as the entrance, the podium etc. We can have cameras positioned wherever the family may feel they want covered.

Even though we film the whole wedding from start to finish we spend a lot of time and effort editing it to include the vital and interesting parts.We edit the footage from the different cameras and combine it to make a single video showing simultaneous events at different locations at the wedding venue. We interlace the video with appropriate background music to make it an enjoyable viewing experience.

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