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Candid Wedding Photographer in Erode – Arun & Sujitha

The wedding between Arun and Sujitha was scheduled to take place in Erode. The family were looking for professional wedding photographers in Erode. They were quite particular about the fact that they wanted a candid wedding photographer in Erode. Yedevi Studios are among the few good and reputed candid photographers in Erode. We were referred by a relative and the prospect of shooting a wedding in Erode was exciting for us. We enjoy travelling to different locations for shoots.

Arun and Sujitha had a religious wedding ceremony that took place in the temple. The family are extremely religious and felt that a wedding should be conducted in the presence of God. We at Yedevi Studios were appointed as the professional wedding photographers in Erode.This was a love cum arranged marriage and Arun is a musician and dancer. Sujitha has a strong personality and gets the better of him, but they make an adorable couple. Arun loves travelling so they will definitely be off once all the wedding and reception formalities are over.

There is a different charm to outdoor wedding photography and we thoroughly enjoy the effects of natural light as against the artificial lighting that we have to use indoors. We took many pictures outdoor as the couple and family members arrived and after the wedding as well.

Once the wedding ceremony has finished the couple are quite relaxed and happy to pose for us. We enjoy this time with the couple when they are totally free and we can have their full attention to make them do different actions for the camera.

A Temple wedding poses its own set of challenges. There are movement restrictions and it was quite a tedious task for us to do candid wedding photographer in Erode for this wedding. Thankfully all went well and we were able to get some really good pictures of the ceremony and the couple. The lighting inside the temple is restricted and even though we were allowed to set up our studio lighting it gave a totally different effect to our wedding candid photography. Nonetheless we were able to get some amazing photographs of the temple interiors as well.

The reception was a beautiful event and was arranged in a huge wedding hall. We enjoyed taking pictures of all the relatives and guests as they posed for us with the newly wedded couple on the stage. Along with the regular pictures we also try and get some candid shots of the special moments during the event. Arun and Sujitha allowed us to click some off grid pictures and completed our photo shoot at Erode.

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