Candid Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding is an event which can be compared to Indian Movies 😉

Emotion, romance, friendship, family sentiments, music dance – you will get to see it in Indian Weddings.
Photographers role is not to document event but to tell a visual story of the whole wedding.

Candid Wedding Photography

Photography is an art which involves creativity. It is more than just a point and shoot mundane task. Each candid shot entails much calculation and picturisation.  Our candid wedding photography includes capturing the special moments and expressions.

Group Photos

A group photo is something that we find people really like because everyone is included in the single frame. Group photography is a not a part of candid wedding photography but at Yedevi Studios we add this in to complete the photography package. It is the one photograph where one can recall all those who were present at the wedding or reception party. Family group photographs are more common, but are limited. We try and include a number of group photographs with friends and relatives as well.


Glimpse of the event – 5 days
You get 50 Photos which have been quickly selected & processed. These photos are uploaded in a private web gallery (password protected) You can share it with your friends & relatives.
Complete wedding Album – 2-3 weeks
The remaining photos can be selected and processes. The complete wedding album is available in 2 versions
• Low resolution (internet friendly with small file size) uploaded in a private web gallery
• High resolutions (print ready) on a DVD.

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