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Christian Wedding Photography at St Patrick Church Bangalore – Prem & Evangelina

This Bangalore Christian Wedding was an exquisite ceremony. Evangelina and Prem had an arranged marriage and both their parents thought they were a perfect match with their demure characteristics and family oriented perspective. Prem is based in Singapore and had come down from just for his wedding.

The location of the wedding has been fixed at St Patrick Church, Bangalore and the Yedevi Studio Team were the official photographers for this momentous occasion. We were on standby for Bangalore Christian Weddingphotography. We were all prepared and excitement brimmed to the top.We were well ahead of time at the church to get a few good shots of the wedding location.

The splendour and beauty of the location and the church buildings was something we could not miss. Photography of tall buildings at close quarters is quite intricate, but we managed to capture the grandeur.

We covered a number of different aspects for the wedding album which was more than just the wedding ceremony. A wedding day is special and we want to preserve that for each couple. When they look back down memory lane our photographs is all that they have to go by.

This Bangalore Christian Wedding photography like every other church wedding photography presented its challenges. Most of this comes with the location. People remain in the same position and hence we have a limited movement area. St. Patrick Church, Bangalore similar every church has a number of support pillars which is a big hindrance to getting the perfect shot.

But like always the Yedevi Studios team had already per determined the different locations from where we could click the best pictures.

We didn’t want to miss any of the candid moments and the expressions on the bride, groom and family members as the wedding progressed.This was a once in a life time occasion to remember and we had to get it right.

The arrival of the groom,then the bride, the wedding march down the aisle, the vows, the ring exchange and the final marriage proclamation, we had it all on film.

Once the wedding was over and they walked out of the church arm in arm as man and wife we had to get the best shot. There was a lot of running around for us, but we are agile and nimble footed. In the midst of the crowds we find our perfect spot.

As soon as we had finished our Bangalore Christian Wedding photography the nest mission was the reception. We were all packed and headed to Fathima Church in Coimbatore. A road trip will all our equipment in tow is what we really enjoy. A reception that was as grand as the wedding called for our attention and we made sure we captured every memorable moment of this Christian Wedding and reception on film.

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