Telugu weddings are always very dramatic. They include a lot of cinematography and much dramatization. Shooting a Telugu wedding video in Hyderabad was an exciting event. As a city Hyderabad is developing fast and will soon be a mini Singapore. However the filmy culture and the love for cinema will never change. It is always a Cinematic Wedding Video in Hyderabad.

Every Telugu harbours a secret desire to be a film star. A wedding video is the best time to have the lead role and this is why we classify Telugu weddings as dramatic. Shreevidhya and Hari’s was a grand Hyderabad wedding. The Ye Devi Team was there to make a Cinematic Wedding Video in Hyderabad for a charismatic couple.She was dressed no less than a princess, when the bride made a royal entry into the wedding arena. The bold and daring Shreevidhya was deemed the perfect match for the reserved Hari by both families.

The wedding ceremony involved a whole host of traditional ceremonies and cultural formalities. As the Hyderabad wedding video photographers it was our job to position ourselves in the midst of the family members to get a clear view of the activities as well as the expressions on the faces of the bride, groom and those involved. A difficult task in a Telugu wedding video is trying to capture all the cinematic`s. Each person acts like a movie star and wants the limelight.

The groom maintained calm composure till he was joined by his bride and the fun antics began. We were on the role for a Cinematic Wedding Video in Hyderabad. It was fun to shoot this Telegu wedding video as each person was all ready and set for the camera. We always enjoy doing a Hyderabad wedding video with all the grandeur and style that goes in. Everyone is conscious of the cameras and puts on an extra good show for us. At times it becomes really difficult for a us while editing to choose between different shots to include and eliminate.

The Shree vidhya and Hari Telugu wedding video included a lot of dialog from immediate family members. In the long run this serves as a reminder to the couple of how happy their families were with their marriage and can act as a bonding factor. The family members were all well prepared with their dialog and did not have any camera consciousness at all. Making this Cinematic Wedding Video in Hyderabad has been a very enjoyable experience for our film crew. We also thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality shown to us by the family at the wedding.