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Hindu Wedding Candid Photography in Bangalore – Karthik & Krithika

This is the story of a couple who met as a matrimonial alliance. It was their love for food that brought them together and that was the start of their long term love affair, which ended happily in an arranged Hindu wedding. Food kept them together and made them inseparable. Her love for paani poori had him reeling.

This was a match that was made in heaven and just had to be. Karthik and Krithika had a grand Kannada wedding and the Yedevi studio team was there for the Hindu wedding candid photography with all the necessary equipment – lights, cameras and tripods.

All set to capture moments that will make memories of this Bangalore Hindu wedding.The wedding took place at the fabulous Kalyani Kalamanthir Mahal. The decoration was stunning and we made every effort to capture it all with our Wedding Candid Photography skills.

The two families had gone all out to make this Kannada wedding a very memorable event. It flowed with opulence and grandeur. While the guests revealed in it the bride & groom were too preoccupied with themselves to even notice all that this Hindu wedding comprised of.

There were many ceremonies that preceded the Bangalore Hindu wedding. Each one had a special significance to the future happiness and well being of the couple.

We clicked photographs of all the vital moments for the record and ensured that we had it all on the reel.

Our candid photography covered each event that led up to the actual tying of the knot. The final seven rounds around the holy fire was the moment of that brought about a look of sheer delight and satisfaction on the bride and grooms face.


It was a moment that our candid photography had to freeze in a timeless frame.

A Memory with so many emotions attached that they would reflect back on throughout their life.

This Bangalore based Kannada couple, so in love, had many special moments conveyed in slight actions and expressions that we were able to capture with our Wedding Candid Photography. We did not want to miss any of their candid moments. This was the day that they had dreamed of for a long time and it had finally happened.

As you can imagine food was an essential element at the wedding and the spread was certainly impressive. Guests enjoyed a hearty dining experience while we had fun with the Hindu wedding candid photography. There were scores of people and we had to keep a tab on the close family circle to ensure that we clicked their participation.We thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs of this Kannada wedding. We did a pre wedding shoot and a post wedding shoot of the couple. The bride and groom posed for us like a filmy couple as we revelled in the Hindu wedding candid photography. They were totally at ease and oblivious to the rest of the world. Nothing else mattered their world was complete.

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