The Yedevi Studios team was excitedly headed for Dharwad as Wedding Photographers. This was yet another wedding for us to display our Candid Photography skills. Kannada Weddings have their own charm.

Wedding photography is never complete without getting some candid shots of the bride and groom before the wedding. We try and have a photo shoot a day or two before the wedding. With so many formalities and preparation this sometimes becomes a difficult task for us. At times it’s a long wait before we can get them to give us some of their precious time. Sometimes we cannot get both the Bride and Groom together, this poses a challenge for us, as we then have to do a photo shoot individually for both of them as and when they are free. However, we love what we do and this wedding photography was another opportunity to practice our photography skills

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Yedevi Studios are Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore and very familiar with Kannada Weddings. We are well versed with the different ceremonies and what come next, this makes it easier for us to place ourselves strategically and get the best candid photographs of the bride and groom as they go through the many wedding rituals.Pallavi and Shripad were having an arranged marriage which was organised by their families.

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Ironically the families had been very close friends for many years so Pallavi and Shripad have known each other for many years and have almost grown up together.What was most pleasant for us was the fact that both the bride and groom were very good looking. A beautiful bride and a handsome groom make picturesque photographs. They posed like models for us and we felt privileged to photograph them. Each wedding photography project has its own challenges and aspects of enjoyment. With all our equipment in tow we were keen on making this Kannada wedding photography project a beautiful one.

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Kannada Wedding Photography Dharwad-3
Kannada Wedding Photography Dharwad-3

Dharwad is a lovely place and we enjoyed the hospitality at the wedding. Both the families were extremely nice and it was fun to watch the parents so happy with each other. Their many years of friendship was being sealed into a closer relationship.Due to their previous association the couple were very comfortable in each other’s presence and this made our photoshoot a lot easier. After the wedding we were able to get the couple away from their families and relative for a while. Both of them were very smartly dressed and we were able to take some good candid wedding photographs.

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The biggest challenge we face a wedding photographers is to be able to steal the couple away from the crowds to a location of solitude which in this case was almost near impossible.However we managed to take some nice photographs of them after the wedding.

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