Photography is today an essential element in the lives of people. The advent of cameras on mobile phones has made people self-aware of being able to capture the important moments in their lives. Wedding is a life changing event. The couple as well as the family members is keen to capture the whole charade from start to finish. An event of this magnitude calls for Professional wedding photography.

Kiran and Sushma had their wedding in Chikmaglur, a scenic and beautiful place. Their wedding included the whole traditional fanfare that went on for a number of days prior to the actual wedding. The YeDevi team was there in full action. We positioned ourselves strategically enabling us to get a better view of the ceremonies as they were performed. One aspect that we like to focus on is the expressions and reactions on the faces of the couple and the close family members during the different ceremonies and functions.


These candid shots make the most meaningful memories for most couples.

It brings back a flood of memories about their thoughts and what was going on at that moment which inspired the reaction or expression. This is one aspect which makes wedding photography such an enjoyable job.

This wedding shoot at Chikmaglur included many of the ceremonial activities that transpired.

Getting ready for the wedding is a ceremony in itself. In this Chikmaglur wedding photography we were able to get a lot of footage on the preparation that the couple had to go through before the actual marriage ceremony. The handsome groom was a good sport and enjoyed posing for us. He didn’t want us to miss capturing this joyful moment in his life as he got married to his beautiful bride.

Pre-wedding videography and shooting wedding videos is an area in which our team at YeDevi Studios specialises.

Wedding videos is not just something we do for a living but it is an art that we are passionate about and this passion reflects in our work. We take utmost care to do our very best while shooting each wedding video.

Recording memories on film is one of the best ways to reminisce over time. It is also a great way to show the future generations memories of the days gone by. The pre-wedding and wedding photography of Kiran and Sushma at Chikmanglur was a very enjoyable experience for us and we felt privileged to be able to partake of this wonderful event.