This is the love story of an air hostess and a techie based in the US, who met and fell in love in New York, got engaged under the Eifel Tower in Paris and got married in Bangalore.

The Palace Grounds, Kingston was beautifully decorated and adorned with gorgeous lighting for the ceremony. The Yedevi studio team were all set to capture every moment that transpired and not about to miss the finer details of the whole event. Wedding Photography involves understanding the ceremony and knowing what is going to happen next.

At Yedevi studios we were excited at the prospect of doing a Muslim Wedding Photography shoot. Every photography shoot involves mental and physical preparation of our team members. We were at the venue ahead of time with our equipment big and small, heavy and light, tugging along rolls of cable at set to give this Muslim Wedding our best photography talent and effort.

The jovial bride brought out the best in the calm and composed groom. They had fun posing for us and we made sure that our Wedding Photography shoot covered it all. The bride was fun loving and made us all laugh with her antics.

Each photo shoot is a work of art that we really enjoy doing. However we must say that this Muslim Wedding Photography shoot was one that we had great fun with.The décor was exquisite and we did our best to capture the scene as it appeared before us.

Photographing lighting effects takes precise timing and nerve resilience. We wanted this Muslim Wedding album to include a collection of the best scenes. Very often the couple only get to see décor in photographs because during the wedding they are occupied with playing the star role.

We were prepared with the wedding brief and the sequence of events that we had to shoot. We had already done a trial run of how we would move and position ourselves so that we get a clear view of everything that happens. It is easy to get shoved around in the hue of the ceremonies and we have to be prepared to secure our position. This Muslim Wedding Photography mission was to give this couple and their families’ a gorgeous reminder of moments that took place during the wedding ceremony.

This wedding was for a match that was made in heaven. The bride and groom complemented each other in every aspect and they enjoyed posing for the camera during the marriage ceremony as much as we enjoyed clicking their candid moments.


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