This Mission for candid photography was in Kundapura, Mangalore where the marriage took place. Mangalore is a beautiful place and we packed our stuff and headed there with full passion to shoot the candid wedding.Before the wedding we scanned the area and where we could set up our equipment for the big event. We were candid wedding photographers in Mangalore.

We were all set to capture every moment of this traditional wedding on our camera. As the official candid wedding photographers in Mangalore we did not want to miss any of the ceremonies.

The Grandeur and Complexity of a Traditional wedding is an experience for everyone to witness. There are so many rituals that need to be followed that it can be quite mind boggling and as wedding photographers we need to know what comes next so that we can get into position. The varying protocols are the challenge for any photographer. At Yedevi Studios candid photographers are ready for everything and when we learnt that this time our project was a traditional wedding photography we were very excited. This Kannada wedding was an arranged marriage between two techies and we were their wedding photographers.

It seemed very contradictory that two people who are totally into modern technology were getting married in a completely traditional manner, but we were there for the wedding photography nonetheless. Poorna and Raji made an adorable couple and gave us the opportunity to click many candid photographs throughout the various rituals that they had to perform.So many relatives and family members were present and sometimes it is hard to keep track of what everyone is doing.Our focus is to keep the ceremony and bride and groom in perspective and all those who are close to them automatically come into the frame of our camera lens.

This traditional Kannada wedding was truly something awesome and we were so glad to have this opportunity to be the Wedding Photographers and to be able to witness the true traditional culture of North Karnataka.We took some candid pictures preceding the wedding and tried to do some post wedding photography shoot where the bride and groom posed for us after this momentous occasion. These are the pictures where they are relieved and can actually relax and give us some nice poses. Poorna and Raji were very sweet and willingly took the poses we asked them to. We were able to get some truly candid photographs of them.


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