Any wedding candid photography required in an around town is a time for great excitement at Yedevi studios. The team are always ready and eager with cameras and equipment in tow.Wedding candid photography is our passion and we love the challenges that come with the task.

In 2015 Prabakar and Saranya were finally able to tie the knot and begin a new phase of their life. Both families went out of the way with grand preparation. The engagement and the wedding tool place back to back with little time to even breathe between the two events. Yedevi Studios was the official Wedding Photographers.

Wedding photography Coimbatore means a road trip with long working hours and little rest. We try and work in shifts to ensure that we do not miss any of the preceding that take place in and around the wedding.

Prabakar and Saranya both doctors, met when a family friend introduced them.A strong friendship grew and blossomed into love. Both Prabakar and Saranya are very jovial and fun loving. Saranya is a good sports person and has a competitive nature. She likes to win. When it came to their relationship she was the first to confess her feelings of love and Prabakar just followed suit.

We asked them to narrate their story while we did some candid photography, After several years of courtship finally Prabakar and Saranya were engaged to be married in Kangeyam,Coimbatore.

We are always thrilled with the prospect of an out of town job and this time it was wedding photography Coimbatore, one of our favourite cities to work in.

If people thought the engagement was grand the wedding of Prabakar and Saranya was even more fabulous.

For us wedding candid photography includes getting some good pictures of the venue before the guest arrive and the marriage proceeding begin. The decoration looks spectacular when they are freshly put up, everything prim and proper and neatly in place. Sometimes the family have to refer to the wedding album to know if the work was done as per their instructions. But this is hardly out intent.

Our wedding candid photography involves capturing the special moments and memorable expressions on the faces of the couple and family members as the day progresses.

We also make it a point to take pictures of all the ceremonies as the official wedding photographers. We do a pre-wedding shoot as the bride and groom are getting ready and preparing for the big event. This is a valuable memory in the days to come.Once the wedding is over the families are more relaxed. The guests depart and only the close family members and friends remain. This is the best time to get some candid photographs of the bride and groom along with their near and dear ones.

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