We are a passionate bunch of photographers and specialise in shooting a Wedding Video in Bangalore. Salma and Muhajid have a special love story underlying their wedding. To give their wedding engagement video an interesting twist we got some briefs from them about how they met and the tale that led up to their wedding. This wedding video Bangalore is a short film on their love story and covers their engagement as well as the grand wedding.

It is not very often that we get to shoot a Muslim wedding video. The ceremony is quite different from a Hindu wedding or a Church wedding. Whatever the type of wedding or even if we are making a wedding engagement video we like to first go over the whole ceremony before the actual event takes place. This enables us to get mentally ready for what is to come next at each stage. When we are prepared with the sequence of events we can position ourselves appropriately. Placement of the camera in the right place is very important for us to be able to get good shots. Since the couple got engaged in Paris they gave us photographs to fill in the visualisation gaps of their love story for the wedding film.

We usually do not like to interrupt the ceremonies and request the couple to turn their faces towards us, so we like to be where we can see the couple clearly. Our candid wedding video photography includes getting some good close up footage of the couple.

Capturing the expressions on the couple’s faces during the ceremony is important. This creates an essence that gives weight to the memories when they look at the video after several years. A Bangalore Wedding video is never complete without some candid shots of the couple. The fun loving and jovial Salma was more than happy to pose for us with her docile and reserved groom, and ensured that we had plenty of good footage to choose from for the final video production.

We had a lot of fun shooting the Salma Muhajid wedding video Bangalore. The couple were very cooperative and we were able to partake of the heart of the ceremony as we captured every detail for the Muslim wedding video. Each wedding has its own unique charm and we really enjoyed the hospitality provided to us at Salma and Muhajid’s wedding. The wedding arrangements were exceptionally brilliant and both families went out of their way to ensure that the guests were well taken care of.