Here are some Questions we generally get from our clients on Wedding Photography & Video.
However, if you have any other questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.


We charge based on session , not based on hours as Indian Wedding do not strictly adhere to the schedule . For different service , based on your event schedule , we will charge.

Do you take candid wedding photos ?

Yes and No! Candid is one of the misused/abused word in wedding photography industry. We call ourselves as wedding photojournalists . When there is some activity happening like Garland exchange, tying Mangal Sutra or any ritual , we will not interrupt and ask you to pose ? . We capture whatever is happening as natural as possible. So we document the whole event as a flow of moments and tell a story in each image as creatively as possible. So , when you see the collection of photos, you can relive the moments .

Do you take/arrange Group Photos traditional photography ?

However , when we take portraits , of course we direct the people & make them pose. Coming from the fashion / advertisement background, we know how to make a common person pose elegantly.

So, to be precise, we take both candid & posed shots based on situation & clients’ preference .

Mind working with Traditional photographers ?

Not at all. We, the creative candid photographers are not replacement for the traditional photographers. We compliment them. We generally do not do their job and they do not do our job. We both coexist very well .

When it comes to lighting , etc , we should have the upper hand

Do you design & print Photo Books ?

Of course yes. We design the layout of the photo book. Photo books are printed by leading printers .

Click on the link to see for information on Photo Books.

What are the places you offer service ?

We are based in Bangalore but i have been shooting in different places from cities to villages. To be precise we are willing to travel to any place for photography.

Packages, Pricing and Payment terms ?

Please have a look at different services .Fill in the contact form with as much info as possible. We need details to give you the exact amount 🙂

40% to block the date(s)
40% on event date
20% on delivery

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{My pricing packages are flexible and allow you to select the package that best fits your needs and budget by choosing the final deliverables. The very basic wedding day packages start at 1.65 lakh for an eight hour day. All payments are in Indian Rupee (INR) according to the exchange rate on the date of payment.}

What are the equipment's used ?

Nikon D750/  D 800
24 – 70 mm f / 2.8
70 – 200 mm f/ 2.8
50 mm prime lens

Other equipment’s i hire based on need

{It is really not the camera that creates the image but the person holding it. I use the latest and best equipment that I need to create the magic that you expect me to create. The famous American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway once met the legendary photographer Irving Penn at an event. Ernest Hemingway: “Good pictures, what camera do you use?” Irving Penn: “What typewriter do you use?” Please feel free to contact me for more information and I will be happy to answer.}

How many number of photos do you provide ?

It is completely based on the event . If it is eventful, we will shoot more photos But generally you will get 150 photos per hour . Of course, for group photos, it is based on the number of guests .

Technical errors
Duplicate photos

Can you give raw / unedited images ?

Sorry, as a policy we do not give raw images Editing is main task, without which the photos are not completed.

We will only remove technically fault and not good (eyes closed, etc).We will give you all the selected images.

Why so expensive ?

  • Comparing with a product – auto & car
  • Compare with other wedding expense : food, decoration ,

What are the Deliverable`s & what is the Time frame ?

Here are the deliverables

  • Low resolution (digital friendly ) images are uploaded to a Private Gallery in a photography website .
  • High resolution ( printer friendly ) images are give in DVDs
  • The photo album are as per the packages you choose

We give you a glimpse (50 to 100 images quickly selected & processed ) of the event within 3 days from the event .

Rest of the images are carefully selected the processed very creatively. This will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

{ My photography service always include the following: 1. Photography service for 10 hours on the wedding day 2. All travel expenses for the photographer, excluding accommodation. 3. You keep the final images on DVD You will own “home use rights” to your images which means that you can do pretty much anything you want with them as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you give them to. Find out all the details in the contract. The images you receive are all color corrected and optimized, print-ready high resolution files good enough for any high-end glossy magazine. An average set will range from 180-250 images for a small wedding to 600-800 images for a large wedding. You will get a DVD set with a HighRes folder with all the images and another folder with all the images in low resolution, ready for use in email or be uploaded to you Facebook or flickr account. All the images I shoot at your wedding are backed up in the most reliable and sophisticated back-up system and will stay secure with me in case you lose the DVD I sent you.

Time frames can range anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on the time of the year and my schedule. The average delivery time is usually two to four weeks but can sometime take more. In any case, delivery of the final DVD will be less than 60 days from the time of your wedding. }

How many days in advance we should book ?

3 months in advance
Depends on date – auspicious day
First come first serve


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