India is a country with diverse cultures and religions. Cultural traditions vary from town to town and no two Indian weddings are quite the same. Families have their own traditions and cultures too, that have been passed down through the generations.


India is a country with diverse cultures and religions. Cultural traditions vary from town to town and no two Indian weddings are quite the same. Families have their own traditions and cultures too, that have been passed down through the generations.

The one time that a family goes all out with traditional ceremonies and practices is at a wedding. There is a lot of excitement as the family members prepare for the wedding. The preparations begin a few months prior to the wedding. This mainly comprises of the shopping and planning for the big day. If it is the daughter getting married, the preparations are accompanied with mixed emotions as she is leaving her parents. For a son it is pure excitement and some apprehension about the new daughter-in-law that will become a part of their family. It is a total package Indian film filled with a mix of action, sentiments, dance and masala. Every wedding has its fair share of dramatic happenings. There is always the element of fun and enjoyment by the family members and relatives. The food and the decoration are a different aspect left to the care of the appointed vendors.

There are concerns regarding the preparation, venue, catering, music, lighting and photography and how the event will proceed. Then there are other concerns like the budget and how much the family can stretch their pockets. The need to lookout for last minute extra expense cannot be ruled out either.

An Indian wedding is a dramatic event irrespective of the religion or the culture. Without the pomp and show it is not a wedding. A wedding is a loud event and everyone must know that there is one taking place. The excitement extends to close friends as well. Friends are there to offer their support and camaraderie to the couple as well as have a good time at their expense. They are all dressed up to show themselves off. Their intent is to have an enjoyable and memorable time.

The wedding photographer has the huge responsibility of capturing all that transpires during this event to create a visual story. It is not just a documentation of the events but a sequence of events with a storyline, not missing the side line activities which complete the tale and help to fill in the gaps giving the event some spice. The wedding album is the story through the photographer’s eye. Our job as the photographer is to tell the story in an interesting and creative manner helping the viewers to relive the moments in happy nostalgia.


Usually a wedding photography may not involve group photographs. However we have found that a few group photographs with family members and close friends completes the wedding album. No one is accidentally left out when they were present at the wedding all along. Hence we like to take a few group photographs whenever possible.

How we shoot

The wedding is a story. It is not just an eventthat happened but a sequence of events that led up to this glorious moment. We need a slight prelude to make the story a complete one. We have an idea of the main sequence of event before the wedding begins but as each event takes place the story line unfolds. As the official photographer we need to ensure that there are no gaps or missing links.

We click each photograph in a manner that it should have a tale to tell on its own. A sequence of photographs should be able to create a picturisation of the entire story. The idea is to capture the moments of time in still frames and the beholder perceives the actuality of what transpired.

As each ceremony or ritual takes place we position ourselves to get the best shot. We do not like to interrupt the events to get the perfect picture but rather prefer to have the couple natural and unconscious. Creativity is the name of our job and we ensure that each photograph has an artistic bent. When the couple have to pose for us specially, their whole demeanour changes and they become camera conscious. The originality of the ceremony is lost in this pose. We try and keep our photography to the actual events capturing the original reactions and emotions of those participating. This makes a better memory.

A wedding entails a special expensive outfit which is accompanied with lots of jewellery and professional makeup. Some portrait pictures of the bride and groom become essential. These pictures depict the attire in their fullness and the bride and groom pose for us in all their finery. Our background in fashion and advertising and extensive experience enables us to tutor the bride and groom how to pose to get the best shots that enhance their good looks and portray their gorgeous outfits.


YeDevi – The one stop solution for wedding photography

We fill the need for professional photography. Photography is an art and entails more than just clicking a camera. Photography is about picturisation and a skill coupled with creative imagination.

Weddings and other related celebrations are life events of which people want indelible memories. Down the years they want to see more detail and story line with natural shots of expressions and reactions. We are experts in capturing the candid moments.

From YeDevi you will get a total package which includes:
• Candid photography
• Traditional photography
• Group photography
• Traditional video
• Cinematography (Candid – Wedding Film)

We are equipped to provide the complete wedding photography package. You can choose the services you want or opt for the complete package. Either way you will get our best service.Our wedding photography package includes a superior quality photograph album, in which we arrange the photographs in the correct sequence of events.

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